Our Services for Pets

Entorno Corralet Residencia Canina

At Corralet Zoo, we are proud to have one of the most complete ranges of services regarding the care and attention of our small friends.

It is with good reason that we have a comprehensive range of services covering all of the needs of the dogs and cats which are enjoying our Pet Boarding Kennels, because in this way we can attend to them at any moment no matter what each animal requires.

From our fantastic Dog Grooming service (we groom champion dogs at renowned speciality shows), to our Internal Veterinary Clinic (with the latest in medical technology so that your pet can recover rapidly and happily), Corralet offers an all in one which is hard to resist.

And all of this without forgetting our Dog Training service which is closely linked to our Pet Boarding Kennels, where you can leave your small friend with every comfort when you are unable to give it attention.

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At Corralet we want your pet to always be comfortable and happy, which is why we offer a Dog Boarding Kennels which includes a Grooming service, 24 hour Veterinary Clinic and Dog Training, to look after your dog when you are unable to.

Our Boarding kennels has individual stalls for each pet and large gardens for recreational purposes which are equipped for all kinds of pets, especially dogs and cats. Furthermore, if you are unable to bring your pet then we can come and pick it up at your home without any problem.

And if this weren’t enough, thanks to our security system and the fact that we actually live on site, your pet is safe and supervised at all times.

At Corralet we have a wide range of quality services to look after your dogs, cats, small mammals or other species here at our Internal Veterinary Clinic where we are committed to giving the best possible service.

The facilities and the high level of specialization which all of our veterinarians enjoy make our Internal Clinic one to be reckoned with. Our centre attends to patients from different areas: clinical cases of animals residing at Corralet Pets Boarding Kennels, patients which were born at our centre and collected pets which are lost or abandoned.

At Corralet Animal Shelter for Pets, with our dog grooming service, we can offer clients lots of experience in cutting techniques and canine grooming.

Our dog groomers guarantee the best aesthetics for your dog, and various prizes in speciality shows attest great results in our cuts and creations.

Our dog groomers accept every breed, as we do at the Dogs boarding kennels. Your dog will have the best possible cut, wash and dry for his fur so that his stay at Corralet will be as enjoyable as possible.

Our dog training courses are given by Álex Membrado, our expert in this field. With more than 15 years experience, Alex is always searching for more understanding of canine psychology to get the perfect balance between master and dog.

Our Basic Obedience Course for Dogs and Guide Dogs and Correcting Behavioural problems has one main aim which is to control our dogs in any situation, in this way we can avoid undesirable behaviour and achieve an appropriate dog-owner relationship.

Furthermore, we also offer Dog Training and Guide Dog Training for Security Forces and Courses specifically for handling and controlling Guide Dogs.