Our Guinea Pigs

Some years ago we decided to purchase various kinds of guinea pig as a result of our love for animals. This has led us to discover the great variety of colours and breeds of guinea pig which exists, and this is what moved us to put heart and soul into breeding them.

Our work involves breeding a great number of different breeds of guinea pig with different colours and types of fur. Hence, we have acquired and imported guinea pigs from the best breeders in Europe and at present have many animals of a very high quality.

To follow, is a description of the kinds of guinea pig we breed and care for here at  Corralet. Whether it is guinea pigs with long, short or coarse coats ones, at Corralet you will be able to find the one you are looking for.

We have 30 varieties of guinea pig and this number is growing constantly!

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¡We also love dogs!

We are specialized breeders, focusing on small and toy breeds: Cocker, Chihuahua... ¿Do you want to know your new friend?
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