Corralet’s Ecosystem

Corralet Official Animal Centre offers idyllic surroundings comprising different biological areas so that your pets will be comfortable and feel at home. The setting here is excellent, being well looked after and created and arranged with care to emulate very beautiful, lush nature.

At Corralet you will find animals such as the peculiar Padovana Chicken or enormous, very rare  Aldabra Giant Tortoises (Geochelone Gigantea). All in all, the sustainable ecosystem at Corralet is a veritable Garden of Eden which your pets will be able to enjoy enormously.

Moreover, and making the most of our gardens, we also give educational talks for children on how to look after pets.  School groups can visit our centre and enjoy the gardens, wildlife and birds where we have developed a sustainable environmentally adapted project.

If you belong to a school or educational centre then contact us; we can organize a visit to our premises that you will not forget.

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