About Us

Corralet has been Authorized a Zoo by the Generalitat Valenciana with registration number CS-24, and an ecosystem which was created and designed to accommodate and care for animals, covering all of their needs so to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore we offer a wide range of services in different areas depending on your specifications and needs, and this is all in a natural environment with lots of recreational space, gardens and tree shaded areas.

Corralet is a family business which was created more than 35 years ago, based on the premise of illusion, persistence and professionalism, and it has continued growing to become what it is today.

Juan Membrado has had lots of experience throughout his career in the world of dog breeding, in which he has been able to make his dream a reality by creating a project which currently serves customers and friends around the world.

And now, the baton is being passed to his children so that Corralet can double in strength to continue increasing its possibilities and carry on growing, but above all to continue loving animals as we have always done.