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Corralet: Pets and Dogs for Adoption

Corralet Animal Shelter for Pets is a centre for animal welfare and protection, subject to current legislation on the protection of animals in the Comunitat Valenciana and the Generalitat de Cataluña.

One of the services our centre offers is the collection of lost or abandoned pets within the municipal districts of the town-halls with whom we have signed an agreement for cooperation.

Our vets attend to these animals by vaccinating, worming, treating them if necessary and identifying them by means of a microchip if the animal has one. The dogs which are collected are comfortably accommodated at our premises according to their age, size and character.

Show Lost and for Adoption Dogs

Searching for the Owners of Lost Animals

All specimens collected are checked by reading their microchips, in order to try and locate their owner. If an animal has no microchip, then the owner should implant one and make sure all vaccinations are up to date on collecting their pet from Corralet Shelter.

At Corralet we promote public awareness campaigns against abandoning animals and in favour of adopting. In fact, if an animal’s owner does not appear within 10 days after its collection, then we at Corralet do everything we can to try and find a new family willing to take in the animal in question.

I want to adopt a Homeless Pet!

Our specialized personnel will advise you on the most appropriate animal depending on the space and time you have for it, as well as all aspects that you will need to know when adopting what we are sure will be a companion for many years.

Show Lost and for Adoption Dogs